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Our Projects and Activities:

EMGC 2016 Garden Festival
Project 1. Annual Garden Festival
June 4, 2022

As a part of our future fundraising plans for these projects we have established an annual Allegany Garden Festival to take place on June 4, 2022 at the RH Livingston Community Center: 188 W. Main St., Allegany, NY  This festival will showcase high quality vendors of flowers, plants, gardening supplies and garden art.  Come visit us from 10:00-4:00pm to learn gardening tips at the demonstration booth as well as to see the latest varieties of horticultural finds! Or better join us and volunteer to work the festival!

2016 Flower Planter with Petunia's and Sweet  Potato Vine
Project 2. Develop a Streetscape of Flowers: Tuesdays 8:00am May-Sept

​Our goal was to develop a streetscape of planters on every corner, with cascading bright flowers to compliment the architectural beauty of the buildings on downtown Main St.  Through joint efforts with the EMGC, the Village Board, local businesses, and the Cattaraugus County Department of Tourism, a grant was acquired, additional planters, watering system and flowers were purchased.

Every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am May- September look for the pink -shirted garden club members, manicuring Main St flowers, plants and subways. Continued support from the Village plus fundraising activities from EMGC will ensure that the planters continue to be filled each year for months of enjoyment! Join us and get your pink shirt!  Annual membership dues $25.


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